FriDAY 19th April


In 1995 Writer/Director Michael Mann created the ultimate caper movie. A blend of dark humour, cat-and-mouse storytelling, cops-and-robbers, and one of the finest ensemble casts assembled. And let’s not forget about the sound editing – it’s hands down the best you’ll ever hear in any action movie. Ever. 

Director: Michael Mann / Writer: Michael Mann / USA / 1995 / 170 mins / Starring: Robert DeNiro / Al Pachino / Val Kilmer / Tom Sizemore / Natilie Portman / Cert: 18 / Language: English

Friday 17th May


A wild ride of lost love, childhood crushes, and the perilous journey back in time. This movie dives deep into the paths not taken, the lives left unlived, and the all-too-relatable feeling of regret. A heartfelt exploration of the migrant experience, where alternate realities clash between the person that stayed put in the old country and the one that chased dreams abroad. Celine Song’s feature debut about two people whose lives intertwine again after years apart is delicate, sophisticated and packs a huge emotional punch.

Director: Celine Song / Writer: Celine Song  / Korea/Canda / 2023 / 152 mins Starring: Greta Lee / Teo Yoo / John Magaro / Moon Seung-ah Cert: 12 / Language: English

Friday 31st MAY

The Godfather (4K)

The Godfatherisn’t just a cinematic masterpiece; it’s an epic saga in every sense of the word. This film changed filmmaking and is by far the finest gangster film ever made. It’s a beautifully crafted gangster film. It’s an outstanding family portrait. It’s an amazing period piece. It’s a character study. It’s a lesson in filmmaking and has acted as an inspiration to generations of actors, directors, screenwriters and producers. Alongside The Conversation, Apocalypse Now and its sequel The Godfather Part 2, Francis Ford Coppa is justifiably regarded as the finest filmmaker of the 1970s (and of all time).

Director: Francis Ford Coppola / Writer: Mario Puzo & Francis Ford Coppola/ USA / 1972 / 175 mins Starring: Marlon Brando, Al Pacino / James Caan / Robert Duvall Cert: 15 / Language: English

Friday 7TH June

Anatomy of a Fall

In this gripping crime drama, Sandra Hüller’s character finds herself at the center of a mysterious death investigation after her husband’s fall to his death. As she navigates emotionally charged courtroom scenes, questions arise: Was it an accident, suicide, or murder? With her lawyer, played by Swann Arlaud, potentially harboring romantic feelings, and her blind son Daniel as the sole witness, the truth becomes a tangled web of family secrets and revelations. As the authorities delve into the past and present, painful truths emerge, making for a compelling and suspenseful narrative

Director: Emile Ardolino / Writer: James Cameron / Gale Anne Hurd / William Wisher / France / 1987 / 96 mins / Starring: Patrick Swayze / Jennifer Grey / Cynthia Rhode, Jerry Orbach / Jack Weston / Jane Brucker Cert: 12 / Language: English

FriDAY 21st June - SOLD OUT

Dirty Dancing (4K)

Director: Emile Ardolino / Writer: Eleanor Bernstein / USA / 1987 / 96 mins / Starring: Patrick Swayze / Jennifer Grey / Cynthia Rhode / Jerry Orbach / Jack Weston / Jane Bruckers Cert: 12 / Language: English

Dirty Dancing captures the essence of nostalgia with its summery vibes and simple realistic characters. It delivers a relatable, honest message alongside classic music and dancing. The timeless romance, chemistry of the lead couple, coupled with unforgettable dance sequences, make it a standout. But what sets is Swayze and Grey’s inspired casting, which adds another layer to this iconic film, with each actor fitting into their roles seamlessly. Oh and NOBODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER.